When was Crave started?

  • The official online store went live at midnight of October 14, 2012.

Where was Crave started?

  • The original idea of Crave was founded at Clemson University.  At the time when Crave first graced the internet the founders were in two different locations, but the headquarters was in Miami, FL.  Currently Crave’s new headquarter is in the Queen City, Charlotte NC. 

What is the meaning of the Crave slogan?

  • The slogan for Crave is "Be Inspired Never Envious."  The meaning behind it is solely to motivate the streets with a slogan that is easy to keep in the front of your mind and live by each day.  Be Inspired by others as they continue to pursue their dreams, and Never Envious of anyone because their ambition should motivate you to be successful.

What makes Crave different from other brands?

  • We are more than just your typical t-shirt brand.  Majority of our designs have a real message to motivate and inspire our supporters through fashion.  We take pride in our ability to capture the abundance of inspiration and motivation within urban culture and turn it into tangible goods.  We are also getting involved within the community with kids in Miami, FL and now here in Charlotte, NC.


Have more questions?  Email us at info@crave.clothing