• This shirt represents black excellence. A time where us as a unit is supporting a team that have reached the excellence we've been dying to see since our days at Clemson. The material is soft and comfortable. Crave is the new wear and will continue to excel

    Kevin L.

  • Extremely pleased with my recent purchase. I have alot from your company so I'm running out of things to buy lol. Excited to see what else y'all come out with.

    Jamar S.

  • This slogan really inspires me,not only is the quality of the tee superb, but to wear something that is a constant reminder to be humble and to be a positive influence to other rather than being covetous, feels good, Love my shirt...

    Lazara B.

  • This was like my 12th purchase. I always love the shirt quality and they are meaningful.

    Timothy J.

  • I love my shirt. Thanks for representing for the real QUEENS!

    Atara H.

  • Quality product from a quality brand at a quality price. Love what they're doing and what they represent. Very pleased with my purchases.

    Darius M.

  • I fully support what you guys are doing! I love the look of my Tees and I get a lot of people asking me wear I get them. I gladly pass them the website. I'm glad to be a part of the growth, as you guys flourish as a company I hope to see continued growth in designs and creativity. LOVE IT!!! 

    Jeremy B.